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Topic: DIY Rear Projector screen pull down
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Hello, new to this forum and I'm hoping you guys can give me some advice before i go down a rabbit hole.

My wish is to have a projector mounted in my garage with a pull down screen mounted above the wide garage door (I checked there is at least 6" of clearance above with the door open or shut.)
Then my neighbors and i can sit in the driveway and enjoy the fall weather.
I think this would be ideal because if its mounted in a pitch black garage it will be semi-permanent, and minimize ambient light gain (my street has very bright lights)

I learned in another topic on this page that no one really makes a pull down screen for a rear projection.
First question, is there any obvious flaws in my idea?
I've done a little research and figured out i could DIY build a custom "roller window shade" pretty much any size i want.
Second question, if i keep moving forward what type of material should i use for to rear project onto or through?
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If you are sharp with the DiY, I don't see a major issue with doing this. It is quite likely the screen will have some significant waves to the material as rear projection surfaces tend to be somewhat thinner than front projection surfaces.

Companies like DaLite offer Dual Vision and similar surfaces which are available in motorized tensioned screens. Think... $3,000ish for a 133" diagonal.

I would probably get some material from Carl's screens...

They offer it in white and grey. Might be worthwhile to try out both to see which you prefer. I would likely use the grey material with a bright projector and call it done.

Not sure how you end up doing everything.

I did one in my one-car garage setup. I just screwed a couple of 2x4's into the garage frame with the door UP, and I had a flat bed sheet stretched between the 2x4's. It wasn't great, but it was 'fine' for the kids outside to watch. So, don't count on serious quality here. Also, you will need to deal with audio separately. Projector audio sucks.
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