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Topic: Mobile Outdoor Projector
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I have started poking around at the idea of setting up mobile golf simulator. I am looking for a UST or ST projector with high lumen rating.

There are a couple options in regards to screen, user, and projector orientation.

Screen material is of high impact absorbing netted mesh. Dimensions are 16'x 9'or 220" diagonal.

The user is going to be minimum 9' from the screen and the ball detector is 7-9ft behind the user on the ground.

UST would be preferable as it allows me to mount it to the screen frame that I have built out of 1" steel pipe. By extending and/or raising the projector from it with a custom steel mount.

if ST is the only option, I would need to build a custom stand that would raise the projector above the user.

I think either option would need some (1'-3') shroud around the screen to assist in ambient light reduction. Since the user is centered on the screen it wouldn't adversely affect the user or most viewers watching from the side.

Being that the setup is always mobile. I can adjust the screen to have sun behind the screen at all times except at peak daylight where the shroud would cast a shadow over the screen for clarity.

Im looking around 6k lumens to contend with the daylight and the highest possible resolution to also combat any washout. While I suspect that most users wont be wanting to use it in daylight, my theory is if I can make it look usable in daylight then all other conditions will only improve.

I have approximately 4-5k to spend on this project and portability is of higher importance. There are a few options that are in debate on this site.

I guess what I am asking is, do you have any projector recommendations or experiences doing something similar to this?

I am open to any ideas or suggestions on providing the best picture as possible given the conditions.
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You can't use a UST projector with anything but a tensioned flat screen. The severe projection angle completely requires a perfectly smooth projection surface. Since a impact screen is not flat, not even close, it creates a 'curtain' like effect. Stand next to your shower curtain, with all the waves in the material, then look down the side of the curtain. You can't see all of it. This is what will happen with UST projection. The projector will be a mish-mash of focus, non-image, and quality issues.

You really want a projector that will be quite close to being right over the head of the person who is swinging the club. Or, under the person swinging the club.

Epson has some of the best deals going and their LCD projectors are a good deal brighter (REAL WORLD!) than the cheap DLP options which are out there and advertise ridiculously high lumen output from some rinky dink little projector.

Not really sure what your budget is, but they have quite a few models available. But, short throw can be somewhat difficult to find in a model without interchangeable lenses. And a short throw lens can be expensive with some models.

Be aware that you must have as MUCH light control as possible. You don't go to the movies and stare out the large windows when they start the movie playing back. Nope! It's an enclosed space with dark walls, ceiling, floors, and no lights on. So, you will need serious black shroud to get the best image possible, and it may require more shrouding than you expect. No light is critical, and can allow you to go to a dimmer projector.
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Thank you for your insight. The screen will be tensioned using bungie cords every 14” completely around the screen. Now I have seen instances where the screen can “pucker” from repeated impact in the same exact area. Which would not be conducive to UST as you stated.

Maybe I can assemble a small platform that will allow the user to be above the projector. Or an arm to hold it above the user.

I will know more about what I have to work with once I get the screen in this week. Photos to follow.