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Topic: retractable projector screen to fit a 67" wide opening
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Hi all, I am new to projectors and am using one in my 5th wheel. I just got a Yaber Y61 and set it up this weekend using a sheet for the screen. All worked very well and I have taken measurements in the 2 rooms that I am going to use the projector in. I am limited on the width that I can fit a pull down screen to 67" wide, that dimension includes the housing for the screen. I have tried to find info online but not much comes up in my searches. I am not looking to spend a lot on it, so hopefully someone knows of something that will fit the bill that also wont break the bank. Prefer a manual pull down wall/ceiling mounted that I can easily move from the living room to the bedroom. Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this and I appreciate any help that you can offer. I forgot to mention that my projector format is 16:9, I'm not sure if this makes a difference or not.
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Looking for something similar to this

214 × 218 pixels (6.90 KB)
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I'm not sure what all is out there, but you are really close to being in the 72" diagonal class for a screen.

Something like this:

The screen is listed as being 67 3/5" wide, so right about where you need to be. If you have an extra half inch, this one could very well work.

There is stuff like this:

Which has a screen width which fits.

or this...
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