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Topic: Outdoor projector recommendations
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I have an inflatable 20’ “viewable screen” that we plan to use as a back yard projector. I can project from the back or front side of the screen so throw distance isn’t a concern. I’m looking for the best bang for my buck under $1000 for an outdoor projector. Under $600 would be even better?
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The Epson 3700 is a reasonable option...

The 1060 from Epson is a popular choice from their Refurb website when it is available as it is brighter.

With a 20' screen, you are looking at about 4 times the surface area of your typical home theater, so above ALL else, you need real world brightness. No SINGLE CHIP DLP projector will be capable of delivering the brightness you need for anywhere near your budget, so stick with 3-Chip LCD projectors. Epson is one of the better options with their refurb store.

This isn't a bad option...

This is a better option:

If budget allows, I would take that last model I linked. The 5,000 lumens (claimed) should be enough to deliver a solid image on your large screen after dark.
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