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Topic: Warping software for curved screen
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I want to give some news.

I don’t have bought any software for my warping problem.

But today I have read news about a new viewsonic projector coming soon (march 2021) with warping option built-in.

4K, 3D, 4000 lumens, warping, 4.2 ms, 240hz, ...

I’ll go with this option for my needs.
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There are a lot of commercial projectors which have support for warping, but I would be hard pressed to tell you which models do so. It rarely seems to be an advertised feature up front. NEC, I believe, is better about using it. I'm glad Viewsonic has put this feature up front in their literature.

Maybe that would be a field worth adding to the Projector Central database.

I think Viewsonic may be acting VERY dishonestly with their 4.1ms claims. DLP response time has nothing to do with input lag. They seem to be deliberately using a time measurement to deceive potential customers. Gamers care about input lag, which tends to be closer to 60 or 80ms on most DLP 4k projectors.
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