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Topic: Epson 760hd
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Hi all!
Im looking for a projector under 500 for outdoors. Ill probably buy one of those 12 foot inflatable screens. I also may use it in the basement in the future. Will this epson suffice? Thanks!
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Suffice? Yes. Be of 'great' quality? No.

The biggest downside with this unit is that it has weak contrast and low resolution. The contrast you aren't really going to get around at this price point. But, the resolution you can.

I would likely opt for a Optoma 143x or hit up the refurb websites for Epson or BenQ.

BenQ Direct has their HT1070A which is a very solid model for just $300...

Their 2050A which is still listed as one of the best entry level 1080p models is just over at $550.

Both of these are full 1080p and have very good contrast for the money. They can fill a 12' wide screen in the dark just fine.

Be aware of throw distance and that the projector will need to be setup in the right location.

Epson's outlet has been hit really hard during these times and some of their best value models aren't on the website anymore for the money. The 1060 being their real go-to model for under $500 for 1080p outdoor projection.

But, indoors or outdoors, the 3100 or 3700 models are really excellent. They will have similar contrast to the BenQ models, but a much better lens system.
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