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Topic: Projector needed - Distance 4.7 meters.
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I am building a projector inside my living room.
Projector should be located 4.7 meters from screen.
Screen width should be more/less like 3 meters 16x9.

What projector do you suggest for Movies?
I have been looked on HD39DARBEE Optoma.
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If your living room doesn't have good light control, I would opt for one of the Epson models. The European versions of the 3200 or 3800 are ideal. They have a ton of placement flexibility which includes extensive zoom range as well as LENS SHIFT.

Read up on lens shift, because you can't just throw a projector anywhere in a room and have it just 'work'.

The Optoma is a fake 3,500 lumen model. Read about color light output and DLP projectors and you will find that most really aren't the 'light canons' that they claim to be. Once calibrated, they are typically far dimmer and more suited to proper home theater setups.

Epson does a great job delivering brightness along with great placement flexibility for the money.
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