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Topic: Sanyo PLC-XF35NL Projectors
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Sanyo PLC-XF35NL
Projector Specs
I have come across a pair of Sanyo PLC-XF35NL Projectors that were once used in a church. They were replaced with new projectors several years ago, but they still turn on (though the lamp replacement lights are on). There is not much information about these projectors (other than a page on this site), so I am looking to see if anyone could help me determine their approximate value. I appreciate any help. Thanks!
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A few hundred dollars at the most. They are completely out of warranty, and those models have a tendency to have LCD panels that start failing due to a shift to yellow in color.

The lamps all needing to be replaced is a pretty significant addition to the cost for anyone who may get them.

The lens on it is unknown, so that could change the value slightly.

A current typical LCD projector in that brightness range runs about $2,500, but it is higher resolution and it has a laser light engine. So, no lamps to replace (ever).

A 1024x768 projector with about 4,000 lumens is only about $700.

So, it's a pretty significant difference than what projectors would cost when that Sanyo first came out.
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