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Topic: Flickering issue
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HI All,

My church has a Hitachi CP-WX8265 projector, and it has served us well for 4 or 5 years now. Just recently it's started flickering, and I'm wondering exactly how to proceed at the lowest cost!

Is this likely just a lamp needing to be replaced? The manual makes it look like something a careful layperson could do. Agree/disagree?

The specs say the lamp should last 'up to 2000 hours in normal mode'. The current lamp hours are 1164, so we're not close. Now, the throw is pretty long, 70-80ft. Could that affect bulb life? I'm assuming everything is set to max brightness.

If it is likely that it's something more complicated than lamp life, I am better off bringing in a tech to diagnose the issue, but if it's likely just lamp life, I will go ahead and replace the lamp myself if the wisdom of this forum says that's a good idea.

I'd be grateful for any suggestions on how to proceed. Thanks in advance!
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There are times when a lamp causes flickering, and if FixItFrank shows up, he can give a much deeper perspective of this, but it may just as likely be the power supply that is failing.

The throw distance has zero impact on the lamp. That is controlled by the lens that is used. Which is separate, completely.

It is certainly cheapest to get a new lamp, but if the problem is with the power supply, then a new lamp is just a waste of money.

To keep things interesting, you are extremely unlikely to get a service person into your space to take a look. You almost always must send a projector out for repair. So, it will need to be deinstalled, packed up, shipped to Hitachi, and then diagnosed. This will typically take 1-2 weeks to do before you would have it back at the earliest.

Not sure when this was purchased and if it would still be under warranty. It does have a 3-year warranty and was only discontinued at the start of last year, so it could still be under warranty.

My concern is that it is not lamp related, but power supply related.

Also, buying a original Hitachi DT01471 lamp will set you back about $500. You can go to Pureland Supply and get a decent quality lamp for about half that price. But, factory original Hitachi will cost a fair bit more.

If this projector is 7+ years old, which it could be based upon original manufacturing date, it could be facing some end of life issues. Also, not sure if you have cleaned the filters on it (which it should have). So, it may be time to pull the projector and send it in for $1,000 in maintenance as it is.
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