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Topic: Jvc on eBay? Yes or no?
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Is eBay a good place to purchase a jvc nx7? I’ve read lots of reviews and it seems that the JVC NX7 is a pretty good choice and eBay seems to have great prices but I don’t know if it’s reliable or trustworthy? Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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It depends on what the price really is, and how much you are looking to spend overall. The NX7 is a very solid high-end projector for dedicated spaces.

If you are seeing pricing under $6,000 I would be in great concern, especially if it is brand new.

JVC has a MSRP of about $9,000 for this model. So, on eBay, I see them about $6,500ish, and you likely will need to pay tax these days through eBay.

I know that's about the price I could likely hit as well with the RS2000 (same model, commercial version). If you are seriously looking, feel free to reach out to me. My number and email is on my main website at if you want to discuss it.

I would think most eBay sellers are fine as well.
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