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Topic: Epson PowerLite 450W - Projection From Table??
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Epson PowerLite 450W
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Hi all, new forum member here.

I am currently in college and am in the process of putting together a "home theater" of sorts on a literal shoestring budget. I managed to snag an Epson 450W short-throw projector for 50$, hoping it'd make a great space-saving option that would get me a decent enough picture at 720p resolution.

It seems, though, that the projector has no options for projection upwards from a table or flat surface and only for front or rear projection when mounted on the ceiling projecting downward. I found two different manuals from Epson, one that suggests that there is supposed to be options for upward projection and one that says the only projection modes are for ceiling operation.

So, my question is - is it possible at all in any way to use this projector sitting down projecting upward? Is there some way to enable those modes on these projectors? Or... is it possible to physically modify a projector like this (i.e. possibly flip the 3 LCD's inside)? Maybe there is a standalone device that can flip a VGA video signal?

This is important to me, as I will be using sources other than computers via an active HDMI to VGA adapter, and those sources don't have any image rotation options like a computer would.

I figure the business projector subcategory makes the most sense for this post, as the 450W is a business/school-oriented projector.

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
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Page 67 of the owner's manual indicates that there are the standard four projection positions available as options:

Front, Front Ceiling, Rear, or Rear Ceiling

Of IMPORTANCE: This projector does not have a HDMI input on it at all. You can't get most modern sources that start out as HDMI into this projector at all. That's a potentially huge issue you should be aware of. It's equally important to know that HDMI to VGA adapters may not work with copyright projected content. This is what the output of a Blu-ray Disc, or Netflix may be. No promises of compatibility with projectors that don't have a proper HDMI, or at least DVI input on.
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