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Topic: ALR screen Vs Grey for UST projectors
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The 'top' projectors on the list are by popularity of views, not on actual quality of image rankings.

Cheaper projectors, or those with recent write-ups/reviews on the website often move up in the list.

Do NOT confuse the 'top 10 list' as a quality based list, but as a popularity based list.

If it was strictly on quality, I would think that JVC and Sony would be sitting at the top of the list.
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Thanks, that makes more sense now. I have to admit the page description was unclear regarding this, at least for me, since it included the phrase "some of the best overall price/performance values in home theater today."

For such a popularity-based list, I would think it would be clearer to use a title such as "Top 10 Most Popular" as opposed to "Top 10 Best". While there is also value in knowing which ones are popular, I would very much appreciate a list based on personal knowledge of the editors regarding the actual top quality projectors at the moment. Just an observation!
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