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Topic: OPTOMA GT1080HDR vs UHL55
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Total Noob here

Can you please advice overall between this two projectors
Price range are the same, mobility and outdoor use with some daylight


Optoma GT1080HDR Short Throw Gaming Projector | 4K HDR Input | 120Hz Refresh Rate | Fast 8.4ms Response Time | Bright 3800 lumens for Day and Night Gaming


Optoma UHL55 4K LED Smart Projector with HDR, Bright 1500 lumens, Works with Alexa and Google Assistant, for Home Theaters and Outdoors, Auto Focus, Bluetooth Speaker Built in, Stream Netflix

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These are extremely different models.

Instead of stabbing in the dark between two very different models that have different resolutions and options, why not take a step back and talk more about your desires, goals, and setup.

1. How big is your room? Length/width/height?
2. What content will you be watching and what percentage? Gaming? Movies (streaming/Blu-ray?)? Sports?
3. What is your room like which you will be using it in? Wall/ceiling/carpet color?
4. How far from the screen will you be sitting and how big of an image do you want?
5. Do you intend to buy a screen? What kind?
6. What is your budget (looks like you are shooting for $1,000 or less, but be honest of your budget).
7. What are your quality expectations?

There are several reviews for some of these models, but these are vastly different models, most notably the UHL55 has much lower real world brightness, has full 4K rated resolution, and much longer throw distance without any zoom capability.

The GT is a 1080p projector which supports 4K sources. It has a shorter throw distance and much lower input lag which is ideal for more serious gamers. It is far brighter as well.

My preference is for neither, but the BenQ 3550 would be a good choice for decent entry level 4K viewing.

None of the 4K native projectors have great input lag for gamers yet.

EXCEPT: The Epson 5050UB and the JVC/Sony native 4K projectors do a better job with input lag. Those are likely well out of budget.

The best deal going out there for very good quality is the Epson 5040UB from Epson's clearance center for under $1,300. It is a very large model that is really designed for quality home theater viewing and has good input lag and functionality.
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