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Topic: Christie DHD670-E optional lenses
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Christie DHD675-E Dual Lamp
Projector Specs
Hey guys, kind of a newbie projectionist here.

We have the aforementioned, out of production Christie projector operating on a large venue. Right now we have it on a ceiling mount in the middle of the room, but we're thinking of moving it back to the projectionist booth for sound reasons (it's a noisy projector).

Problem is, our current lens projects a massive image due to the length of the room (it's around 30 meters - 100 foot I think - from the booth to the screen). I've scoured the net but haven't gotten to any one conclusion so I'm asking: what kind of long zoom lenses do I have available for this Christie projector?

Thanks for your help.
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What size screen do you have and you need to be 100% sure of the measurement. You can be within a few feet at that distance typically, but you do want an accurate measurement.

You should also give Christie Digital a call or send them an email. They are a top tier projection manufacturer and even if the projector is out of production, they may be able to direct you exactly where you need to go or give you some options.

Be aware, that from the throw distance calculator page, for that specific model, it lists all the different zoom lenses available. Once you find the exact one which works for your screen size and throw distance, then you can punch up a Google search for the exact model. eBay may very well be your friend at this point.

NOTE: It does look like the DHD675 and DHD670 both use the exact same lens options...

The calculator is here:

For example, a quick eBay search, if you do need the ultra long throw zoom lens...

I guess if you only have about a 150" diagonal and you need that 100' throw distance, then you may need a 2x teleconverter. This is exactly where Christie may be able to answer your specific question because you may need an adapter from them (or others) along with the long throw lens.
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