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Topic: Looking for good advice
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Looking into buying a projector for an atypical application to do projection mapping video. In short :
*1 we need to project at short distance
*2 we need to project multiple small size images
*3 it has to be rear projection.
*4 the projection will take place in a context with ambient lighting

We tested out a portable projector with 1280 x 800 native resolution, but the result turned out to be disappointing. Would a Full HD ultra short throw projector be better than a 4K, or vice versa? What would be the most critical criteria to look at considering our application? Brightness, resolution, throw distance, contrast?

Your website is very professional and has the most valuable source of information regarding projector, I figured maybe I could get some good advice out here.
Thank you
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If you tested with a projector already, what is it that you found disappointing? What was the EXACT make and model of the projector you were using? What was the actual size of the image that you were projecting?

The reality is that ultra short throw is typically very size limited and has a core purchase that goes to schools for in-room teaching projection. So, about 100" diagonal is as large as they get and they are rarely very bright.

Ultra short throw can't handle any deviance to the surface either. It must be a perfectly flat rear projection surface. Rear projection isn't an issue, but a flat surface definitely will be.

Ambient light, of course, with projection, is always a concern.

I would think you need the brightness for your space to be the most critical factor. Resolution may matter, but shouldn't. If you are projecting a very large image that people are walking right up to, then you may need to look at extremely expensive projectors, or with multiple images in several locations, you may be better served with multiple inexpensive short throw projectors.
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