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Topic: Projection mapping rooms
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I would like to make immersive rooms. Something like a mobile projection mapping business for event rooms.

So the things which I would like to ask you guys over here is:
- I want to use LG HF85 projectors ? are there they good enough ?
- Do you have any better choices of lower price suggestions ?
- Is this possible to achieve in certain quality ? Like having 10-15 of them to make immersive room ?
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I wouldn't consider it appropriate in the least, and I'm not sure what you mean by a 'mobile business'. As in, you intend to ship a completely perfectly blacked out room to different locations, or you hope you can stick really cheap projectors into a random space and achieve the level of results that this perfectly black room with white screens and a ton of calibration put together?

The engineering on this is difficult. But, the baseline, of using a good computer with an nVidia card running Mosaic to create a single desktop space to work within is quite nice.

This example likely uses exactly 3 projectors. So, while it looks cool, it's extremely inexpensive and it is the wide angle lens which helps make things look much more immersive than they really may be.

When you get beyond one projector per 'screen', then you have a very sharp seam between the images. It's nearly impossible to properly align two projectors side by side to create a single image that actually looks good. The hard edge is a major issue.

So, you get into a ton of very high level engineering work to put together several projectors side by side that don't have a hard seam. In the video, while 3 projectors were used, one was on each screen separately, and a TON of care was used to align the edges so that they weren't brutally obvious. But, the content isn't seamless at the corners, and you can see flaws, as well as the video being quite distinct on each screen to help hide the flaws in the corners. This is okay, but must be considered.

If multiple projectors will be used side by side, then this will typically result in a custom resolution, like 3000x1080 and the overlap will require edge blending, which doesn't exist in cheap projectors that I'm aware of.

The example, as shown, could be achieved using very inexpensive projectors, but only because the room is so good. A completely black ceiling and floor will allow for projectors like the Optoma HD141x to be utilized to create a floor to ceiling image with stunning results. But, it needs that 100% blackout condition.

And, I expect, hours upon hours of setup time for this room to look as good as it does.
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