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Topic: UST fixed frame screen mounting
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Hi all! I'm about to move into a new home, have just received my Vava 4k laser UST projector and going to buy an ALR/CLR screen specific for the UST projector. One accessory I've been on the hunt for are brackets that are used to mount the screen to the wall that can make very small adjustments vertically (moving of screen up and down) for fine tuning. The UST distance from wall dictating the screen size, I'm not wanting to mount the screen many times to get it precisely in the correct location. HiSense Laser TV solutions have these adjustable brackets that come with the solution and I can't seem to locate them anywhere nor figure out what they are called/named. Has anyone had success in this instance? Or any advice on an easy way to mount the ALR screen so the picture from the UST projector fits perfectly?

Thanks in advance! Justin
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I remember have a projection screen braket on amazon, it can adjust the screen position. braket like the attached is a


projection screen position adjustment barket

800 × 800 pixels (23.44 KB)