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Topic: Can Chinese projector compete with big Brands?
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At 7 feet from a 120" screen you really would benefit from 4K resolution because you will see pixels. That refers back to the chart that I linked in my previous post.

With only a 7 foot viewing distance, I would buy a large TV over a projector, but those aren't extremely expensive in the US. Under $2,000 for a 75" display here.

With your overseas buying, there are a lot of reasonable Chinese imports that have decent quality. But, really cheap will be really cheap in all aspects. Cheap LCD projectors which use a single chip design are notoriously the worst product on the market in terms of overall quality. But, there are some lesser expensive Pico DLP models as well as entry level LCD which are very nice.

Just not sure what your cost would be, and projectors inherently have some costs associated with them and the fans and other moving parts with high heat mean they are more prone to breakdown after a number of years of use.
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