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Topic: 65" TV choice
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The TV arrived today (LG 65SM8600PUA) and so far I'm a bit underwhelmed. The picture seems a little, don't know what the term would be, weak? Washed out? Not terrible, but not super crisp. Maybe this is due to the lack of deep blacks? I'll know more tonight as that's when we generally watch TV.

My wife is also feeling it's a bit too big. The room we had our 65" in our previous house was much larger than this room. We're the right distance away, if not a little more, but it does dominate the room more. So I'm wondering if I were to exchange for a 55" if I might be able to go a step up in quality from the options I was looking at for the 65". Anyone have any suggestions there? Best 55" for under $1k?
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