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Topic: UST Projector distance confuses me
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I am very confused on how to calculate and implement the short throw distance for an Ultra Short Throw Projector (UST). I'm interested in the Wemax A300 4k Projector. On the website it stated that I need a distance of 24cm to get an 100" immage (throw ratio 0.233:1).

Now when I use this website, and I pick another projector that has the same 0.233 ratio, it stated that the distance is 51cm. But the true ratio is the same.

My question is as follows: Do they calculate the distance from the back of the beamer (closest to the wall), or do they calculate it from the laser (far end of the wall)? I am confused now

The thing is that I have to make a custom made Tv cabinet, do I not want to have the measurements wrong. I hope someone can clarify this for me, because it is giving me a headache
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It should be 20" from lens to screen. That is the typical way to measure throw distance. 20" is about 51cm.

Throw distance is calculated by multiplying throw distance by screen width. A 100" diagonal is 87" wide. 87x.23=20.01. So, right about 20" lens to screen (51cm).

I'm not sure what website claimed "24cm to get an 100" image", but that would not be a .233 throw distance, or it is not a proper measurement. It may be advertising garbage which is measured from front of projector, which has absolutely NOTHING to do with throw distance.

Throw distance is always lens to screen based on screen width.
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