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Topic: Optoma HD141X projector not starting.
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3 to 4 year old projector. Optoma HD141X. When I plug and power on, blue power LED comes on initially (warming up) and I hear fan running and wheel turning for 30 seconds (off and on few times) then finally, lamp LED turn solid red power RED LED goes to continues flashing until I unplug the projector. During the whole process, no light from the lamp.

I have replaced three lamps from two different suppliers with same result as the orig.

I checked with Optoma and they will charge me 200 to just diagnose and then probably another 200 - 400 to fix. not worth it.
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Unfortunately, projectors are all custom built and often do not have any easy fix to the solution. If the light flashing/indication does not specify what the issue is, then it could be almost any number of things from a main board failure, to a power supply issue, to something completely different.

With lesser expensive projectors, they do have a 'throw away' price point, and it is a shame that after only a few years you have run into this issue as it is not typical. But, it does happen to some projectors.

You can obviously attempt to take it apart yourself, clean it, and check on other forums for suggestions, but I don't have any idea what specifically the issue would be.
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My HP did similar thing when the color wheel cable was out of the socket. If anything is wrong with the color wheel, the projector wont turn on the bulb and will flash red. As AV_Integrated said, open carefully and inspect. Be really careful with this color wheel and his cable because they are fragile.