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Topic: Projector Possible for My Room Setup?
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That's pretty much what I felt about the H1. I had some other issues as if I kept it I would have ended up using it for gaming, which it is laggy on. As well, I needed universal remote integration which it didn't support at all.

Still, for the class of projector it is in, it really is a leader. There are no models I've seen with such solid audio performance and such brightness as to be fully usable.

Forget the internal apps. Hook up a laptop if you want to get really crazy with your options. Just plug in any HDMI device. Buy a 3rd party Android player. Get a nVidia Shield and be completely blown away.

The operating system of a projector is absolutely the last reason in the world to be unhappy with it since you have so many options available from just a few bucks on up.
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