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Topic: Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8700UB upgrade
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Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8700 UB
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Im looking to upgrade my actual Epson HomeCinema 8700UB for a new Epson projector which is the best option and why? or its better to few months to see if a true 4k epson projector will be release (2000 usd limited)
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Please keep in mind that the 8700UB was a fairly premium projector when it was released a number of years ago, and the most comparable model from Epson is the 5050UB. It would have similar price and a direct line of improvements over the 8700UB, but it isn't going to be had for $2,000. The 4010 is the one which meets your target budget, and that model likely is similar to the image quality (black levels) of the 8700UB.

We may not see a true 4K model from Epson for a couple of years. It would be very surprising for them to get a true 4K model to the market because of the inherent VERY high difficulty of getting 8 million pixels onto a chip that's under an inch diagonal. To date, only LCoS technology has managed to do so. So, those are JVC and Sony projectors starting at about $5,000.

DLP models will have obvious poorer contrast than your 8700UB is likely to have.

A real upgrade would be the JVC X590/RS440 model projector. These also tend to have a price which is beyond your budget.

If the 8700UB is still working well, then I wouldn't go down the upgrade path yet. As well, when I did go down the upgrade path, I would be looking for a serious performance upgrade. The least expensive is probably the 5050 right now. So, budget accordingly. As well, consider the JVC and Sony true 4K models which may be available to you at the time of the upgrade.

As performance has improved, it hasn't been a phenomenal jump from year to year with projectors since 1080p became such a standard with Blu-ray Disc. Minor improvements, yes, but not the same night and day difference that we had when we went from SDTV to high definition television about 20 or so years ago.

If you are itching to upgrade, look for a deal on a JVC.
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