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Topic: 16:9 screen and 16:10 projector question
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I have to choose frame and projector, 16:9 fixes very good on my wall, otherwise 16:10 is a little bit higher and not visible from everywhere. So my choice is 16:9 screen. But I want to buy 3LCD projector, here are not many models 16:9 with 3LCD technology.

I have one question: If I have 16:9 screen with fixed frame (black) and a native 16:10 projector, will it shine out of the frame? If it will, is this shine visible and irritating?

Thanks in advance!
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For home use, you should always get a 16:9 screen and a 16:9 projector. While there are a number of 16:10 projectors on the market, most of them are for the commercial market. They will not have the same contrast, noise levels, or overall home theater design as the 16:9 projectors have.

But, if you must use a 16:10 projector and you have a decent screen with good black borders around the edge, the screen should suck up any overspray of light above/below the screen.

I would be concerned if all you have access to is 16:10 projectors as Epson makes quite a few 16:9 models which are readily available throughout the world.
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