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Topic: Projector for Video Art
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Looking to get some reviews on this projector - any problems or mishaps? Also wandering the difference between the 2247U and the 2245U ? Advice and information much appreciated
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The 2247 looks to be the newer model with a lower power usage, yet the same light output, but a longer lasting lamp.

Model years tend to make minor tweaks to add efficiency to a projector. Sometimes it is very small changes, like parts change, so they give it a new model number.

In this case, it looks like a new case, different lamp, and different lens are in use. But, most specifications are very similar.

I would expect it to be okay with solid colors on a smaller screen in a lit room, or a larger screen in a dark room. Maybe under 100" would be 'small', while above 100" will start asking for the space to be darker and darker.

I would expect good results from this model.
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