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Topic: Projector Screen Recommendation for 3-Season Room
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Hi there,

Firstly, thank you very much for taking the time to write such a comprehensive reply! This information is extremely helpful and insightful, and really brings everything together!

With respect to lumens and brightness of the projected image, it is hard to appreciate how much is needed, especially in the specific environment where we plan to use the projector. While I'm assuming that we will mainly use this projector late in the day/in the evening, is 1800 lumens (e.g. from the BenQ HT2050a) enough for using the projector during the daytime in a covered screen room with "some" ambient light? I know that the level of ambient light is a key question - we may be able to control this a little bit with the use of light-blocking curtains. Once again, I'm not an enthusiast, but I'm trying to determine if it is worth the extra money to purchase a higher-lumen rated LCD projector for use in this kind of environment (these seem to be typically >$1000, which is really more than I want to spend).

As previously mentioned, I was also hoping to find a projector that had lower latency to allow somewhat responsive gameplay (i.e. games that require a game controller such as an XBox gamepad for on-screen movement). Regarding this last point, the lower-cost Epson models, <$900 (e.g. 1060) don't seem to be a good option (your review stated 52ms input lag for the 1060). Even the more expensive Epson 3100/3700 models have 28ms latency at best. Something like the BenQ HT2050a seems to be much more robust in this capacity (e.g. 16ms), but also has a lot lower effective lumens compared to the Epson models.

Bottom line regarding choice of projector for use in my environment, within my budget, it seems to be very diffcult to find a projector that ticks all the boxes: price (<$800), lumens/"bright enough for use in shaded outdoor screen room" (>2500?), low latency (ideally, under 20ms), non-short throw to avoid the need for an expensive tab-tensioned screen. It seems like some kind of sacrifice needs to be made...?

In terms of projector screen: the Elite Screen projector screen you suggested looks ok. Is there any particular reason you suggested that model? (there seems to be several models offered by this vendor that could be suitable). I'm not really keen on the use of a motorized projectors outdoors, as it would seem to add another point of failure.

Another key question that we have is how to mount the screen on an "open" side of our outdoor room (i.e. with no solid wall but rather a mesh screen behind it). I see that Elite Screens depicts the use of their "Yard Master Manual" screen on an open side of a porch, which will be similar to what we want to do (see on Amazon: sixth picture down on the left: However, it is unclear how stable the screen would be mounted like this - i.e. even in a light wind. How do you secure or tension the screen to make it more stable? Attach weights or bungee cords at the bottom?

In terms of mounting: you provided a tremendous amount of information for ceiling mounts. I feel a bit bad about this - unfortunately, I failed to mention that a ceiling mount is not an option in our outdoor room, as the ceiling is very high and also has fans. We plan to place the projector on a table or other stand on the floor in the room. I realize that this may mean having to finesse the placement every time we set up the projector. With regard to stands, I have seen some "tripod" like stands which give some control over projector height, but they look a bit unstable. Do you have any thought on these, or recommend other options for floor-based mounting?

Once again, thank you so much for all your advice!
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So, almost all wall mounted screens have the ability to use a hook to hang them from. I have no preference for Elite Screens over other brands such as DaLite or Draper or the myriad of other manufacturers out there. Their website is just pretty easy to navigate.

Motorized is certainly a failure point, but some people really like it. I don't care either way.

I do think that you likely would be happier with a LCD projector in this situation and the added lumens will be something you would really benefit from overall. The HT2050A is a BETTER projector in terms of overall image quality, but that's in a home theater, which you aren't.

Input lag may be an issue for VERY serious gaming, but in reality, most people don't notice lag under 50ms. Projectors pretty much didn't get under 33ms until a few years back. 33ms was considered very solid for competitive gamers.

So, don't expect that 50ms will really be as bad as you think, but I'm not sure what games you play or how competitive they are. For interactive on-screen use, 50ms is not very noticeable. I'm not sure what delay your current gaming display may already have. It may by higher than you think. (or maybe not)

The Epson 1060, from the Epson Refurb store is under $500. So, it's a great price and ideal starting point for your outdoor use.

As for a table stand that works well, I haven't seen one. I have seen the cheap stands that are out there, and they are just that. Not exactly heavy and versatile. I would more likely build something that is specific for the projector so you could more easily place/remove it when it isn't in use. Build it to match the deck/projector setup, and you should be good to go for the life of the projector. Build it like a 'table', and use it as a end table when the projector isn't out there. Just make sure to put leveling feet on it, and mark exactly where things go to make setup easy.

Of course, audio still needs to be considered as well (if it hasn't).
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