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Topic: Eiki Projecter in Church
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Our projector, Eiki, which has not been used often, after it has been on maybe 10 min, 1-2 songs, starts to flash on and off. Not sure if it needs a new bulb or if it needs cleaning or what the problem is. Would appreciate any feedback.
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Yes... likely... one of those.

Unfortunately, projectors are a highly specialized item and any number of things can be going wrong with it.

When was the last time the air-filter was cleaned?

When was the last time the projector was serviced?

How old is the projector?

As a piece of electronics with fans in it, the possibility that it is having issues related to airflow, dust in the electronics, or just old age are very real.

A lamp going out completely turning off then back on, is rare. This may be related more to the electronics that drive the projector. Maybe the ballast is having an issue. Maybe it's the image board itself.

Unfortunately, with projectors, it's not a simple thing to diagnose from an issue as one issue could have several causes.

It is best, especially with nicer projectors, to send it in for service to an authorized repair facility.

You can also pick up a generic after-market lamp and see if that solves the issue. It's less expensive than a factory lamp and cheaper than sending it in. It is the least expensive solution you can try yourself.
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We have 2 Eiki projectors and, if it makes you feel any better, one of them also flickers after about 10-20 minutes, although it eventually seems to get better. The other doesn't. Replacing the bulbs didn't help. I'm thinking it's just the age of the units (perhaps 20 years?). I'm planning to replace them soon.