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Topic: In-Ceiling Speaker Thoughts
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I am a true novice when it comes to building out my Home Theater. I have 5 Pre-Wired In-Ceiling speaker holes. I have been researching my options and thought I'd get some thoughts on where I think I'll spend my money.

Front - Left & Right Speakers - Polk RC80i
Rear - Left & Right Speakers - Polk RC80i
Center Channel (Located on the ceiling) - Polk 255C-RT

I am a bit concerned with having the 255C-RT on the ceiling serving as the center channel. My understanding is that this channel is primarily used for dialogue. I'm not sure how that may sound coming from the ceiling, above the screen, versus directly below the screen on the wall. Our seating will be located roughly 14' away from the screen. Would anyone recommend against this? Is so, what would you recommend as a better option?
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Ceiling speakers are rarely a good option for good audio. It's much better to go with floor standing speakers or bookshelf speakers at any time possible. Builders and their prewires are rarely about quality or understanding, and you are often stuck with what they give you.

You also have to consider that any rooms above in-ceiling (or in-wall) speakers will get half the noise being sent their way.

As for quality of audio, that takes a big hit as audio from speakers in the ceiling don't have the same quality overall. It also sounds very weird for audio to be directed downwards instead of into the room.

If in-ceiling is your only option, then I recommend the angled 8" speakers from Monoprice...

These help to project audio towards the seating area and decreases the obvious nature that it is coming from the ceiling.

Speakers are an area in electronics where you tend to get more with what you pay for. They can outlast almost all other products that you will purchase and can retain their value over the years.
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I plan to move forward with the in-ceiling set up as everything is all prepped to support in-ceiling speakers. I'm not a major audiophile and having them hidden will keep my young kids from causing too much destruction.

Thank you for suggesting Monoprice. I had not yet run into these particular speakers in all of my research. Inwalltech was something I had been considering but there is next to nothing online to help ease any concerns with the quality of their product. Triad as well (very tough to even find a dealer to purchase from).

I'm thinking I will move forward with the the 8" Monoprice Alpha Carbons with the center channel using:

I like the idea of angling the sound as much as possible towards the seating position. I think that angled center channel speaker will work well with the other angled rounds - unless you suggest otherwise?

Thanks again for your help.