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Topic: Bulkhead affect projector throw width
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In the final stages of finishing our dedicated HT room and wouldn't you know it I over looked a possible major detail. I'm looking for an image between 120"-110" and I have a bulkhead running parallel with the projectors lens. The room is 14 feet wide and 21 feet long, If I hang the projector in the 10-11 foot range from the screen I can hit those numbers. The bulk head is on the left side of the projector and extends 36" away from the wall at the rear of the room, forward to 8 feet from the front wall where it jogs in to 18" away from the wall and continues to the front wall.So the bulk head may be within the 120" diagonal image for the first 3 or 4 feet of the end of the lens, then the bulk head is well outside the final 120" diagonal image. What I am asking is, does the projector require a unobstructed 120" diagonal image as soon as it leaves the lens or is the image narrow enough the first 3-4 feet the bulkhead will not interfere with the image? Do I have other options I am unaware of.
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So, if you put the projector 11' lens to screen and you go with the larger 120" diagonal, the image will be 104" wide at the wall.

But, at about halfway to the wall, 5.5 feet from the lens, the image will only be 52" wide.

You will have plenty of room in that regard.

The image leaving the lens comes out in a cone shape, similar to a flashlight.
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