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Topic: Best Projector w/ Horizontal Lens Shift under $4000
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Hi, I have a boardroom screen that requires a projector upgrade.

My client was using a Optoma EH460ST short throw projector mounted in the ceiling, centered to the screen. They were unhappy with the inability to achieve 100% focus on their ~100" screen tho and want something with a high quality image.

Now I am tasked with finding a projector that can either replace the current short-throw in the same position or finding a projector with a really great and versatile lens shift as the room will only allow ~5ft of distance from the screen if I were to center it. This means I will need to mount the projector much further back and off-centered while still maintaining as clear an image as possible.

Do you have any recommendations ? They have a budget of $3000-4000CAD and want as sharp an image as that money can buy.

Any suggestions would be very very greatly appreciated as I am new to this world of projectors.
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It really depends on how far off center you end up going. Some offer a fair bit of lens shift, but horizontal and vertical lens shift are tied together and allow less side to side lens shift as you move the projector further up/down from center. (it works in a circle)

You really have to know ahead of time how far off center you are likely going to end up and at what height the projector will be mounted at in relation to the screen along with the throw distance.

Short throw projectors must NEVER use keystone correction or you will always have focus issues. The physics of short throw is really tough and the shorter the throw, the less likely you are to have excellent results. Longer throw is always a better way to go.

The use of keystone correction when 15' away from a 100" or 120" diagonal will have far less impact than it does from 4' away because the lens is within pretty good focus throughout.

Epson has a number of professional models which have good lens shift and really are built for better business purposes. If you have access to their refurbished models, something like this is a heck of a deal...
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