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Topic: Recommendation for small screen projector?
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I'd love to get some recommendations for buying a new projector, suitable for a 50" screen (120x70 cm), with a viewing distance of 2 meters or less.
hopefully with at least 1280x720 resolution.

I Thought about a few options,
miroir MP150A
miroir MP160
AAXA p300
DBpower T20 (which appeals to my cheap side but is probably trash (?))

I was looking into pocket projectors only due to screen size.
Previously I had a BenQ w1070 with a 90" screen and I was very happy with everything.
I assume the quality won't be as good, but I hope not to downgrade too much...

I'd appreciate any advice/recommendation/review regarding these models or any other.
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I'm not as familiar with the Miroir models, but the AAXA are a very common model and are well supported. They use a similar DLP chip from Texas Instruments that your W1070 used. So, you get solid image technology with a smaller package. The brightness of models with 300+ lumens will deliver for you.

The DBPower is more of a toy. It is 840x480 native resolution, so it's not even high def.

I've looked at the P300 a number of times for purchase, but haven't seen one in person. I think it is a very reasonable product for the money.

The Miroir website is a bit lacking, but if you were to look for something comparable to the P300, it would be the M300A. The 150/160 models are rated at 200 lumens, I think they may have some brightness issues. The M300A from Miroir or the P300 would be a better way to go IMO.

They are priced very close, but AAXA does have refurb units for just $280, which is where I would probably go.
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