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Topic: Panasonic PT-MZ770 setup question
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That's completely unreal and obviously unacceptable. I would reach out to Panasonic at this point and see if they have anything at all to offer in terms of a response to this. They may even have a local sales rep that can come by and take a look. This isn't an inexpensive model and I have a pretty high regard for the quality of Panasonic products. With this price point, you should have very good results.

If they can't send someone by, at least I would expect some decent technical support over the phone.

Grrrrr... I'm really sorry you are running into this issue and hope they can support you better than I can here.
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Don't you have a warranty - try another identical unit and see if you get the same result?
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Yeah, it's definitely still under warranty. And under test phase for us, we've only started screening with it since December, and once/twice a week only, which is why it took us time to setup, check, realize it's not our own computer set and settings causing this, etc.

We'll have someone take a look, the problems are too obvious not to be seen!
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