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Topic: ABOX A6 Full HD Projector Review
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I will say that I don't believe that you are being paid, but many manufacturers offer a discount to people who post online reviews of their products. I think it's shady when people do so without posting that they are receiving some accommodation, through a product discount or similar, for their work. It doesn't mean their review is meaningless, it just means that the person reading needs to keep that in mind.

To specify, consider a typical room which may be used for video in a home may be about 200 square feet. About 15x13 feet or so. If the primary use of that room is for enjoying TV or movies in some fashion, then the average price for that room, to own that room, is about $14,000. Not to put furniture or sound or anything else in it. To just buy that room in your home costs (on average) that much. So, when a person spends that much on their home, to own it, then spending $230 vs. $500 is a very small price difference.

Still, I would personally love to see how this looks first hand, but I have no interest in purchasing it. I have no idea why they don't send out review samples to websites like this one to get a professional review. Yes, there's a chance it will get trashed, but on the flip side, it could get a very solid review for the money spent, which is taken into account.

My concern is that there is a line drawn between home theater entry level, and unacceptable. I think that's where toys end, and more serious models begin. Kind of like tablets. You have the iPad or a good Samsung tablet, but then there are a TON of cheaper models out there. At what point is a cheap model so bad that it shouldn't be considered? Should people just consider the bottom end of 10" tablets something that's $300 or $400? Or can you get something that is truly usable for $100? Is this that product that fills that gap?

I'm not sure what your experience is with native 1080p Epson or BenQ or similar projectors. So, I'm not sure if you are aware of the quality jump that is there. I'm ALSO not entirely aware of the quality jump that happens with cheaper models because it would require me to buy one. I am aware of the reviews that Projector Central made after they purchased a handful of cheap models and found that none came close to claims.
But, some where acceptable if expectations were set in line.
But, that was 4+ years ago, and technology moves forward. So, perhaps this one is better. But, perhaps not.

Lumens are a generic term. For projectors though it is generally considered foot lamberts. That is, how many lumens does it give at 1 square foot. (200-400 lumens) So, you can then calculate the lumen output over a certain number of square feet. Typically you work backwards. So, if you have a 50 square foot screen, and you measure 20 lumens of light output, you have 1,000 lumens for 1 square foot, and it would be considered a 1,000 lumen projector.
ANSI typically measures light output using a white box centered pattern of light surrounded by a dark area. The white area is measured to provide ANSI brightness. But, it can be tweaked upwards with projector calibration. As well, ANSI contrast, measured with a checkerboard pattern, is sometimes measured with a different set of settings compared to brightness. Both to increase measurements as much as possible.
See test patterns here:

Anyway, I don't 'hate' or 'love' this model. I haven't seen it. I have concerns, but I have concerns about more expensive models as well. I have concerns about very expensive models as to whether they are ever really worth the money. Once you hit $3,000, how much more do you get by spending $10,000? But, I've also seen $3,000 JVC projectors vs. $1,000 Epson models, and in a good room the difference is night and day. The JVC is significantly better, in every single regard.

But, that doesn't mean to ignore this model, it just means that people need to consider what they want from their home theater, especially with regards to overall image size, quality, placement flexibility, and the rest. Often people can't use $500 projectors because they simply aren't flexible enough to work in their space.
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Yes, I totally agree with you that there are many people who made bias review of a product simply because there were incentive for them. Most of the Amazon reviews are mostly just saying how great the product is in merely a few sentences. There is no way of telling the quality of it. That is exactly why I want to make a review of my own. Not to say that I can do justice for those items, but at least (if I am lucky enough)when people watched my reviews. They know how good or how bad a product they might be dealing with. Or at least have an idea that if it's useable or not.

I don't think this projector or any cheap projector can really have a proper go with the big boys out on the market (at least that's what I want to find out) but if one want to own a projector and if they did a bit of research of their own. Then I guess it's up to them to buy whatever.

To be honest, if someone like you have been dealing with all kind of AV stuff for decades. There is no reason for you to have a look at it. Because as much as the price is great. And it does do its job, but I mentioned in my video that the colour of this project is not great. When play a blu-ray, at least most of the details and colours are there. But some shades of the red is weird. And a brown leather jacket have a purple tint to it. Adjusting the RGB setting can't fixed it, and the tint setting is disabled. I emailed the company and they did reply but it was too late. I already have the projector returned so I can get another projector/product.

When I saw this projector and labelled itself native 1080p projector, I was awful skeptic about it and I just needed to know if it's true. And it turns out it really is. Trust me, I know it is or not when I see it. I can see rainbow effects of some DLP projectors when a lot of reviewers say there is no rainbow effect.

I bought a cheap projector years ago as well and you are right. They were digusting. Just dull and terrible. But now, Things have changed a bit, as long as you don't go for the absolute dirt cheap products. The experience with chinese brand products could be acceptable.
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