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Topic: Can't get PS3 or PS4 to play 3D
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Help! I'm having problems getting my PS4 and PS3 to play 3D films. I'm using a BENQ MX711 DLP projector connnected by HDMI. When I try to watch a 3D film through the PS3 or PS4, I get a message saying Your Blu-Ray 3D player has not detected that it is connected to a 3D display.
I get this on both the PS3 and PS4. I can't see any settings on the consoles that I can change so they recognise the projector. Any help or advice much appreciated.
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Blu-ray uses frame packed 3D as the standard format which was introduced after your projector was released. Your projector may work with certain computers which put out side-by-side or top-bottom 3D, but that's not how the Playstation units do it.

Page 70 of the manual also indicates that 3D is ONLY supported on the PC input, with no compatibility at all on the HDMI input.

So, if you want the very good 3D which projectors can deliver, you will need a model which supports frame-packed 3D from a blu-ray disc player. Many current generation 1080p projectors, starting at about $500, can do this.
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