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Topic: French cleat
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Can I use a 7.5-in x 48-in Stair Riser that I had left over as a french cleat to hang my 53" X 93" 1x4 flat frame Poplar projector screen? The width of the riser is not quite 3/4". It is a 1/16" shy of 3/4". Thanks.
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I can't imagine why you couldn't. I have seen all sorts of different types of hooks and connections used to hang screens, and it sounds like that may be nice and solid for the setup.

Many screen manufacturers that use a french cleat style hanging method use a cleat at the top, and a small one at the bottom. The one at the top holds it in place, the one on the bottom locks it against the wall, prevents it from shifting side to side, and ensures that the screen doesn't bow towards the center. It potentially eliminates the need to have center bracing on a wooden screen.
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