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Topic: projector matching
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How can better match two Sanyo PLC 100 projectors? Settings are all identical or very close to each other.
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Projectors age differently and lamps age differently. The best you can do is ensure that they are using identical lamps with identical hours. Otherwise, you need to call a professional calibrator in and have them do a match to the projectors. This will need to be repeated once every 3 to 6 months, or possibly more frequently depending on usage and demand for color and brightness accuracy.

This is one of the reasons why some are turning towards laser projection. The solid state engines for these don't dim and have the same color issues that traditional lamp-based projectors run into.

Be aware, they may never be able to match very well if there has been actual uneven degradation of the LCD panels in the projectors. Typically, a projector has a usage life of about 7 years, and these models went out of production almost 7 years ago now. They may be over 7 years old and really on their last legs.
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