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Topic: HDMI issues with Optoma
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I recently purchased my first projector, an Optoma GT1080 Darbee (short throw, not that this matters). The issue I am having is the inability to connect a PC (windows computers) to the projector through HDMI cables. I have tried contacting Optoma support to no avail.


I have checked three different PCs and various HDMI cables. All computers and cables work fine with normal LCD monitors, but none work currently with the projector (I see a no source found error).

I do have an apple TV box that works perfectly with the projector, which shows that the HDMI ports on the projector, and everything else works fine.

The most confusing thing is that when I first installed the projector, I was able to connect with a PC to the projector using a short 6' cable, but not a longer 25' cable (meaning a PC actually worked at some point with the projector). After leaving the projector alone for a couple weeks and coming back, somehow the 25' cable was working with a PC. Note that the projector asked for the language input again, so it appears that some sort of reset was done during this time (I think the power was disconnected physically for a while). However, after moving cables around to place them better along the wall (and after using the apple tv for a short while) no cables worked with a PC. I am currently unable to connect to the projector with anything but the apple tv. I am unable to replicate the fix that happened before by disconnecting or resetting to factory settings.

All of this leads me to believe that the issue is related to software, not hardware (duh) but cannot figure it out.

Any thoughts/suggestions on how to resolve the connection issue?
Thank you in advance!
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HDMI can be tricky. I've had all sorts of things happen over the years including a projector that accepted all HDMI sources except a Playstation. At the end of the day, I had to send the projector in and have it replaced under warranty to get a different unit. Without changing anything at all, the new projector accepted the Playstation input into it.

Yeah, don't expect miracles here. It may just be as simple as a bad projector input and something that you need to contact Optoma about. Let them know you've tried different cables and different computers. Be sure your computer is supposed to be putting out video. Be sure your resolution of the computer is set to something the projector supports.

But, at the end of it all, it sounds like a projector issue to me.
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