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Topic: Starting to lean towards Chinese UST Projectors for home theater use...
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Hi folks! I recently moved into a older home with a basement room that has lower ceilings and the walls appear to be solid cement. This makes wiring for a theater room problematic, so I started digging into UST Projectors and found this:

I know it is only a 1080p native projector, but I like getting the laser light source, and the fit, form and finish seems to fit the bill for me to do some low lag gaming and watch some movies from time to time via VuDu and Netflix. From what I find the input lag is close to 15ms, and it accepts native 4k content from an Xbox One, so my games should look about as good as I need them to.

I also looked at the Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short throw laser projector and the WEMAX ONE PRO UST Laser projector, but the info about input lag on both of those scared me off.

Anyone have one of these JMGO SA Projectors yet?? I ordered one and will have it in a couple weeks so I will give you my first impressions once I do the break in. I also grabbed a ALR Screen in cinema grey to make sure I get the best contrast possible.
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Generally speaking, these models are okay. They don't live up to the quality that you get from a $500 Viewsonic PRO7827HD, or the venerable BenQ HT2050A models.

The obvious plus of many of these units is the laser/led light engines which promise a long lifespan for the unit. The downside is that the cheaply made electronics and often lack of USA based support can really bite you if things don't work out.

I have personally used the XGimi H1 model, which is not short throw, and I was duly impressed. It was bright (for LED) and had a solid image. Not perfectly sharp corner to corner, but quite acceptable with HD video content. The design was decent, but it didn't offer any means to use a universal remote. You could use their remote (RF) or their app on your phone, but you couldn't use any quality universal remote (Harmony or URC style). Customer service was only available via email, no phone lines. It took several days to get a response to my questions, sometimes without the answer to what I had actually asked, so I had to ask again, and wait again.

Sometimes the websites continue to not have complete user manuals which can be frustrating.

Most of all, you want to be sure that if you are in the USA, that the product has been designed to work in the USA. XGimi, for example, does have the H1 in the USA, but the H2 is entirely built for the Chinese market at this time. So, while you can get it, it doesn't fully work and isn't supported at all in the USA.

I think these types of models all have a lot of potential. They aren't bargain basement priced, but have reasonable price tags. They throw some interesting designs into the market that work reasonably well. There are some better user reviews out there (beyond Amazon garbage), if you look for them.

I would consider one, certainly, but would be somewhat hesitant to jump on board.

Be aware, ALR screens generally aren't very good and have a dreadful impact on image quality while often having a cost far more than the projector itself may cost. It's better to buy a can of dark paint (any color), paint your room, and get a white screen ALWAYS.
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That is what I kind of figured. The price I pay for trying to be "Bleeding Edge" I guess. Hopefully I end up pleasantly surprised. I will share more once it arrives. I can return it if something doesn't perform as they describe, but with this being my first purchase from AliExpress I really am taking a huge leap here.

Wish me luck
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