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Topic: Projector screen for Optoma HD143X
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I bought an Optoma HD143X for my apartment as my friend managed to get quite the good picture with one in his white room, especially considering the price. My walls are however beige, so I bought the following screen to go with it:

I however noticed that it lit up the room too much, but also that it made the screen incredibly fuzzy, giving the white sections a bloom-esque look, like if there was something on the lens, no matter how much I calibrated or blacked out the windows and light sources.

I tried removing the screen to see how it looked, and it was so much better. My wall is however not optimal as it's beige and has lots of spots and irregularities, so it's not a good long term solution.

I'm going to get additional curtains to hang up on the walls to absorb more light, but I still feel that the fabric of the screen is way too soft and illuminating to get a clear picture.

The gain of my screen is 1.3, and I can't seem to find any screens with a more matte finish.

This is my first projector, so I would just love some advice on what screen I should get for my room and setup to avoid the fuzzy and bloomy look.

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The screen material may be bad and should be returned. This sounds like sparkling effect which occurs when an optical coating is on top of the screen and isn't implemented correctly. I've seen this on a number of different screens. A standard white screen should work just fine for you, but you may also be perfectly happy with a grey screen and that projector.

The issue is not the projector, or the screen gain, but that specific screen itself causing you issues with sparkling.
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