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Topic: Screen for Home Theater Sony HW45ES
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Finally did it... Been lurking on here for years always wanting a home theater room. Welp, I pick up my projector this Sat! I don't plan on going high dollar on a screen. I'm in a basement light 100% controllable (pitch black). Ive read a few horror stories on here with wrong screens. Seems easy but,,,

16:9 110" white material, silver ticket on amazon. Or the comparable on Visual Apex site.

Other than that there dont seem to be much in the way i should be looking for other than 16:9 and a basic white material.

I wanted to go 120" screen but my recommended sitting requirements kind of throws the room of kilter.. 13' to 19 ' feet.

DAMN,, one more thing. I got distance and how far away to Mount. Does ceiling height matter with mount? Or can I use Mount tilt bracket to adjust?
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Typically, screen size should be about 10" to 12" of diagonal for each foot of viewing distance. This is personal preference, but most people seem to be in that range. When you go smaller, it loses immersion and impact.

The Silver Ticket screens are of good quality. They are a nice entry level screen and work well in most rooms.

Keep in mind, that full light control includes reflections, and the projector and screen make for a HUGE flashlight. So, any walls carpet, or especially the ceiling act as reflectors that take away from light control significantly. So, if you haven't, consider some dark paint at some point.

The Jack Liu projection calculator is amazing at determining projector placement because you do NOT tilt a projector if you can avoid it.

You want the projector low enough so that you just use some lens shift to get it on screen properly. The Sony is solid, but I tend to lean towards the front/middle part of the zoom range if possible. At the end of the day, it is very little difference overall and will provide a good image across the entire zoom range and Sony uses very good optics.

At most, the Sony can only be about 7" above the top of the screen. I would put it about 2 or 3 inches above the top of the screen at the most. Make sure the lens is on-center, or very close to center as well.

The lens to screen distance, with a 110" diagonal screen (throw distance) must be between 10'11" to 17'4".

I've used the Sony on a 133" screen and it looked absolutely fantastic, so if you have a bit of room to go larger, you may want to.

If you have a white wall, or a sheet, you may want to throw it up on the wall and just hook it up BEFORE you buy a screen. That's a really good way to determine if you have a screen size you enjoy. Just sit back and watch a couple of movies and see if you are okay with any specific screen size. One of my top complaints of many installations is that people think 100" or 110" is huge, but they really could have gone to 120" or 133" or even larger in the space they are in. So, at least 10" of diagonal per foot of viewing distance is a strong baseline recommendation.
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I picked it up today and threw it on the wall to see with just primer paint and all I got to say is WOW !! freaking WOW... Its amazing right out of the box on the wall just sitting on a table top. You are right I think I will be going bigger getting ready to throw some fifth element in for a trail run... After I turn of Destiny.

Thanks for your help in all this I know you reply to hundreds and you cant remember us all but you have helped out immensely with my room.

I will be posting pics in the theater room forum since no one ever seems to post there, Il try and get a 2018 room in there.

Yup flat black paint on ceiling, Dark Gray Matte finish on walls. and dark carpet. You have been helping! Pics coming soon!