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Topic: New AVR and 7.1 speaker system - setup help
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I purchased a Denon AVR-X1200W and Klipsch speakers. I have FL, center, FR, surround L and surround R and two in the ceiling in the rear and a nice powered subwoofer.

Denon has an Audsyssey setup procedure for the speaker levels which I performed.

I have the receiver set to Surround Back and think it should automatically decode the correct signal.

I only have Dish TV with HD and most of the programming. I am using a Sony VPL-HW45ES with a 130" screen and picture is excellent. However, in the movies I seldom hear anything from the rear middle speakers and nothing from the ceiling speakers.

I am not sure how this 7.2 stuff is supposed to work. Should I be having audio from all the speakers occasionally or how to tell if my system is working properly?

Here is a link to the Denon manual

Thanks very much
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It's important to understand why those surround speakers are there, and that the audio for those speakers comes from high quality sources.

The problem isn't your speakers, it's more likely your source.

Dish Network, at most, likely only delivers 5.1 surround sound. It won't have Atmos, or any use for your last two speakers.

You really should look into much higher quality sources, then understand that surround speakers and any other speakers beyond the front 3, are for effects. The filling sound of being in an arena. People moving from front of audience to back of audience.

But, since most dialog occurs from the front of the screen, the dialog and most other stuff will come from the front speakers most often.

But, I would check out some higher quality sources. At least a Roku Ultra which is only about 100 bucks. Some Netflix titles may be in 7.1 and even use Atmos for effects.

But, the best source remains Blu-ray Disc. Ultra-HD Blu-ray Disc players deliver the best audio possible for any surround sound setup.
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Thanks for the information. I can hear the system really good so like you say it is my source not giving me the 7.1 audio to start with.

I will check out the Roku as well.