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Topic: Using Ultra Short Throw Projector for Rear Projection
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Hi I was wondering if anyone could comment on using a ultra short throw projector like the LG HF85JA as a rear projector. I see in its case a PJT Mode setting in the manual to flip the screen horizontally. I was planning to use a rear projection film on a glass window and projection from the rear. Can anyone confirm I am thinking in the right direction about this?
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You need extremely high diffusion rear projection material when doing this and it must be rated to handle short projection. Not all materials can do this with rear projection.

Also, be aware, that due to the projection angle, the material must not be right on the edge of the frame as the frame will cast a shadow, blocking the projected light.

Always, never for daytime use, that's pretty useless.

As well, that model is designed for 90" to 120" projection only due to the design, and really isn't all that bright as it is designed for home theater use.

This isn't the most ideal way of doing things, but it can work in the right scenario, I just wouldn't look at it as a first option.
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