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Topic: What Home Theatre Projector would be a good fit
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Hello Experts,
I am intending to install a Projector on the ceiling in a small room. I can install the Projector on the ceiling with the distance between the screen and Projector lens being around 93inches.

The screen I have is an ELite 100inch and I have installed it already. I have been looking for projectors and from my reading, I thought the OPTOMA1080Darbee or OPTOMA HD39 would be appropriate.

I realized that the OPTOMA1080 does not have a ZOOM RIng and the one on the OPTOMA HD39 is not enough for me to get a 100" diagonal image on the screen.

I am looking for recommendations on a Projector -which offers Higher Zoom than the 1.6 on the OPTOMA HD39 and would give me a picture which is large enough - if not 100inch diagonal -at least 85inch or so.

Looking for suggestions/recommendations

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There is a nice tool called the projector database that helps you find a projector based on certain parameters.

Based on your 93" throw and 100" diagonal, this is the list:<g=&ll=&mfg=&p=300&p=1800&wr=&dt=&t=&pjl=0&pjw=0&pjh=0&td=7.75&is=100&i=d&tr=&tr2=&oop=1&sort=%24&sz=15

From that list, I would lean towards this model:
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