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Topic: From Wall to Screen advice
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Hi all,

I am in the midst of moving to a small 2 bedroom with a good friend. I currently own a BenQ HT2050 projector. I may purchase a second one instead of a TV for my bedroom. There will be one projector for our common living area and one for my bedroom (not sure whether i'll upgrade and put a nice one in the common room or a budget one in my bedroom and keep the 2050 in the living room).

In my previous studio apartment I projected the 2050 directly onto a creamish-colored wall and only watched with the blinds drawn, etc. It worked fine and looked great - to my eyes.

However, the new place doesn't have the wall surface area to get the size (115-130") image we'd like.

What are some modestly priced screens in that size range that would pair well with a 2050 projector?

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Really you pair a screen to the room, not the projector, and it depends on what you are looking for in a screen.

The SilverTicket screens on Amazon are very well reviewed and of good quality. They work well as a fixed frame screen for an entry level projection setup.

If you need something retractable, then things get immediately dicey (read the FAQs), so I wouldn't spend to much money on a manual screen, but they are out there and use acceptable screen material.

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im enjoying the elunevision elara II (
you can get to match amazon ad (its there ad) 1.4 gain with good color unless you are thinking upgrading to 4k$ 4k you dont need a 1000-3000$+ screen