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Topic: BenQ TK800 or HT2550
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the BenQ TK800 review on the site says it performs noticeably better than the HT2550. not just brightness, but also the brightness uniformity and color balance of TK800 is better than HT2550.

Does this mean TK800 is better than HT2550 in all aspects except the color range?
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I'm a little torn across the board on these models as they aren't really the home runs which BenQ has delivered in the past from the W1070 to the HT2050.

With 4K, it seems like Optoma has really delivered with their UHD50/51 models.

If I were buying in that class right now, I think I would get the Optoma UHD51 for best performance in class at this time.

As well, for those who enjoy a 3D movie, it's a nice feature to have available.
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