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Topic: wall color
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This is a really silly question. Why does a wall have to be white if projecting an image onto it? You hear about screens being white, gray, or black. You hear of people painting their walls these colors (most often white) to use with a projector. What if your wall is another color (say brown) for instance? Can't you use this wall as a projection screen and still get the same kind of image, as say, using a white wall? What if you are watching in a totally darkened room? I have seen some projectors that have a wall color correction feature (BenQ is famous for this) that you can set on your projector depending on what color wall you are projecting onto. Wouldn't this work just as good as a white wall? Thanks.
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Projectors do not project 'white', they project light. The color of the screen impacts all associated color within an image. The darker the screen, the less light that comes back off the screen to the viewers, which can make the image dingy and can severely impact black levels and shadow detail.

Color correction is not a 'fix' it is a band-aid. It is what people must use when walls aren't the proper color to help correct the issue, it does nothing more.

In almost all circumstances, the goal is to use a color neutral screen that meets international color standard for image neutrality, then calibrate the projector to ensure that it is meeting that neutrality internally as well.

While that can be very expensive, some basic white screens do very well and come very close. The grey screens can help for weaker projectors or weaker rooms, but anything else is going to start compromising a great deal more than necessary. It works fine for people who are just looking to get some sort of image up, and they may go 'WOW!' for a while, but soon enough they realize the image doesn't look as good as any other TV in their home, and there's no reason for that.

As for other colors beyond that, it just taints the image more and more and more. TVs strive for extremely dark screens and the best black levels and shadow details possible. Projectors need some help from the owners to achieve the same, so not only does the screen matter, it is just a part of the entire room it goes into.
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