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Topic: is it Good? 45meter x 25meter using Panasonic 30k
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We have an event and planning on using a Panasonic PT RZ31K projector. Floor mapping.

Area is 45 meter x 25 meter. Will this be bright enough? or do i need to use 2 projectors? its a stadium projecting from the side.
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I don't think four of these would be enough.

The screen area is over 120 feet wide, and you are working with an aspect ratio that is not the native size of the projector, so you would be losing about 17% of your light output due to the aspect ratio.

The typical movie theater, theater dark, calls for 13-18 lumens per square foot of screen space.

Your screen is a bit over 12,000 square feet.

That means, that at 15 lumens per square foot, you are looking at 180,000 lumens of output required, with projectors that currently are delivering closer to 25,000 lumens per unit while maintaining aspect ratio.

That's for a 'theater dark' setup.

For something nearly the size of what was used in the ceremonies of the recent Olympic games, you need the exact level of performance that they used.

I would reach out to Panasonic Business directly and get support for what you are looking for, but this video should give you some idea that I'm not just making things up:

They used 80 (or so) of the projector that I expect you are looking at to support the Olympics.

The requirements are actually far higher than what a movie theater utilizes.
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Thank you, very informative. I just received an update today that the projection area is now at 80meter x 80 meter i have done some calculations and came up with 15 x 20k panasonic projectors. Giving me 48 lumens per sq meter.

I will surely talk to panasonic.

I have done floor mapping before but 50meter by 35 meter where i used 7 20k projectors. 7 because its heart shaped.