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Topic: Studio Experience listed as manufacturer???
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Why do you list Boxlight's Studio Experience dealership as a manufacturer? Studio Experience and Boxlight have never manufactured a single unit of anything. They're just dealers with a sales office. All they do is slap their labels on InFocus, Sanyo, and others and jack up the prices 10%-20%. Nothing wrong with paying a premium for good service but promoting them as a manufacturer is disingenuous at best.

If I buy $100 of labels and stick them on some Panasonic plasmas, can I be a manufacturer too?
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A lot of manufacturer's rebadge other maker's products, or buy significant portions. Christie doesn't make most (any?) of their own projectors, but they are well-respected as a manufacturer because of the service and support they provide their dealers. Most of the 3-chip DLP projectors or light engines are made by one company in China, including most Digital Projection units, the InFocus 777, SIM2 light engines etc. Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Philips, and NEC have all OEM'd projectors from PLUS, yet no one considers these companies less of a "manufacturer". ViewSonic has never built a projector, plasma, or flat LCD.

You can buy $100 worth of labels, but also make sure that all certifications (UL, CIE, etc) have been redone and paid for under your model numbers, set up service and support hotlines with trained service staff, edit all the manuals, warranty cards, etc., have the products re-labeled, research the brand name, model numbers, etc for trademark and copyright issues, set up your advertising and marketing, distribution channel, and don't forget to check all the laws, taxes, tariffs, duties, and fees you'll be responsible for. I've probably missed several important pieces, but you probably get the idea.