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Topic: Looking for an affordable wireless presentation system
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Hello all,

I've recently been in the market for a wireless presentation system. I'm helping a teacher buddy of mine find one. So far, the best product I've seen out there close to her budget is the DVDO TILE

Would love to find something below 1K, or closer $500. Any recommendations is appreciated.
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What type of content is looking to be shared? What type of integration is required? Why the need/demand for wireless? What's the end goal?

Wireless motion video is almost a myth, but if a simple PC to display wireless connection is needed, then a HDMI wireless solution is by far the best way to go.

Most other options, are wifi based solutions that have extremely low bandwidth and can't produce full motion video. While you can do fine with PowerPoint, actual video tends to really suck.

HDMI point to point solutions are a much better option as they deliver full frame rate video and can support up to 1080p resolution for well under $1,000.

That's if you absolutely MUST get away from a wired video connection. At the end of the day, wired video connections are still the industry standard for quality and reliability at (by far) the best price.

You can also look at pure networked products such as Crestron AirMedia or Mersive Solstice.
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