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Topic: Projector Advice for Beer List
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At the end of the day, as I already stated, this isn't the best solution. Multiple flat panels are the better solution.

While I realize that's not ideal, that's where technology sits.

Projectors are a theater thing and any ambient light hurts image quality. While you can get a decent result by using a ALR screen, you aren't going to get the near perfection that flat panel displays can offer. Likewise, flat panel displays can't offer a seamless image like a projection setup can.

Sitting off axis will degrade image quality.
ALR screens tend to have some hotspotting and image uniformity issues.
ALR screens can look very good, but you need people closer to on-center for best results. The more off-axis you are, the more the image degrades because it is retro-reflective.

I do believe an Epson which can actually deliver 5,500 lumens should be satisfactory, but it's hard to know 100% without taking light measurements of the space.
I really wouldn't know for sure if the Epson you mentioned actually can deliver 5,500 real world lumens. I would buy from a place with a good return policy.
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